Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Imagine $4.7 Million A Year!

I'm sure you know that traffic is the lifeblood of cash
flow for any online business. Getting boatloads of
targeted traffic to your sites is absolutely essential.

You probably also believe that traffic is either very
hard to get, or very expensive. The truth is, neither
of those assumptions is accurate.

Would you like to know how to trigger an avalanche
of traffic any time you want it?

Of course you would. Duh, right? Well, good news...

There's a brand new video online that you can see that
proves that it can be done...and get shows a real
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Torrential Traffic Tactics

Obviously this latest behind the scenes video is likely
to be met with a bunch of skepticism. No worries...

I've already checked it out and verified the numbers.
It's the real deal, and it's leading into showing you how
you can duplicate those awesome traffic results yourself.

Go check it out right now while it's still available and
let me know what you think...........

Torrential Traffic Tactics

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

In an age where "everyone" is claiming to have the right answer, finally there is one. A solution for ordinary people looking to make an extraordinary income… without the hassle and hype normally associated with these types of offers.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Income does just what it promises… teaches you exactly how anyone can create financial freedom and independence no matter their current income, education or experience.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

These days most people find it virtually impossible to locate a book, course or any other product that delivers on its promise. How often have you seen ads for books, e-books or full courses written by so-called "successful" marketers claiming they have the solution to all your financial woes? How often do they deliver?

I have to admit going into this book with a lot of skepticism. Too many books claim you can make money on the Net, but then fail to deliver. Others are too complicated to read or simply don't provide the right information at the right time. Ordinary People Extraordinary Income is different from the rest. Why? I'll tell you.

The author, Dan Lok, is well-known as the World's #1 Website Conversion Expert. This guy dropped out of school and created his own Internet Empire. The man pulls in millions as a successful entrepreneur, marketing expert and mentor to others. People pay him thousands of dollars for his advice and time.

What's unique about this book is it reveals real success stories of people that made mad money within hours of carrying out the secrets in this guide. Imagine making $17,000 in 24 hours. What if you could make $350,000 a year working 10 hours or less each week? Find out how one reader made over $5 million in one year using the simple direct marketing secrets and strategies revealed in Ordinary People Extraordinary Income.

One last point… the success stories in this book are not crap. They are real. Real stories about REAL people just like you and me. People who had nothing, who started from scratch… but acted on an important secret… and now make seven-figure incomes.

Find out word for word what other ordinary people are doing to make their lives extraordinary. Here are just a few things you'll discover when you start reading Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income.

* How anyone can create money out of thin air in just 48 hours or less, even if they've never sold anything online or offline before.

* How anyone can use low cost, free advertising to promote his or her site to millions of prospects every day.

* How anyone can easily create a product in a few days instead of months, then turn around and sell it for hundreds of dollars.

* How anyone can build a mailing list so big they will never worry about working again.

The skills and tactics addressed in this book are real… they can teach anyone what it takes to succeed.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

What's even better about this tell-all book is it's written in plain English. Ordinary People doesn't jump around the bush. It tells you the secret. What's the secret? Just find someone who's already successful at what you want to do, and then copy them. Can it really be that easy?

Just ask the thousands of people making six and seven figure incomes. Their stories are all revealed in this interesting, one-of-a-kind guide. So find out how you can make the big secret work for you. Find out how to select your model and start making a six-figure income today.

I could go on and on, but you get what you pay for. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income is a book I would recommend to anyone that feels ordinary, but wants to start realizing extraordinary financial income. Finally, a book that delivers on its promise.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Get Paid $1,000 Dollars

Have You Ever Thought About Owning a Vitamin Business? Well, if not, here's why you should......................

Get paid $1000 every time you get just 20 new people to try our amazing vitamin. We've already paid out MILLIONS to our Independent Advertisers! Click here to learn how you could have unlimited income potential for yourself!

Make Money With Greatest Vitamin In The World

In addition, each month you get just 100 new clients trying The Greatest Vitamin in the World, we’ll pay you a $5000 bonus! And, the top two Independent Advertisers, who create under 100 new vitamin clients, also get a $5000 check!


Here is where it gets really exciting! Your website will allow others to sign up as an Here is where it gets really exciting! Your website will allow others to sign up as an Independent Advertiser for just $35 and those people will be tagged to you for the life of your business! Then, each time they make $1000, you will get a check for $500 just because you are the one who created that person! You could have hundreds of people all over the country who are tagged to you and each time they make $1000, you get paid $500!

Make Money With Greatest Vitamin In The World

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Make Money With Greatest Vitamin In The World

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time To Get Paid For Being Opinionated

Is it time to get paid for giving your opinion? You bet it is. In fact, it's time to get paid for turning on your computer, answering a few questions, and then collecting a check while you're in your underwear! And it won't cost you a penny to do it.

What's this all about? I'm talking about a great opportunity to get paid for taking consumer surveys. It's a 100% legitimate opportunity to earn a second or replacement income from the comfort of your home without investing any money and without annoying your friends or family by trying to sell them something. In fact, you won't be annoying strangers either, because this isn't about sales. Here's how it works...

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Big companies spend billions of dollars on advertising and launching new products, and they can't afford to make a mistake. Remember the fiasco that occurred when the Coca Cola company launched "New Coke"? The results were a disaster.

That's what happens when the marketing people don't take the time to get opinions from consumers, the people who actually end up buying (or not buying) the products these companies sell.

Well, in order to avoid disasters like "New Coke", smart businesses are willing to pay consumers for their opinion. After all, the cost of paying people like you or me BEFORE they make a mistake is a lot less than trying to clean up the mess after they get it wrong out in the marketplace.

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Well, rather than deal directly with each consumer, which is a full-time job in itself, these companies contract consumer opinion companies to handle the details for them.

These consumer opinion companies, in turn, work with people like you and me by inviting them to take on-line surveys. All you have to do is get on their invitation list. And I'm going to tell you how to do that in a minute.

Before I do that, however, let me tell you about the money!

These surveys take 10 minutes or less to take, and you do it all on line. In return for those 10 minutes, the consumer opinion companies are willing to pay you anywhere from $5 or so, to $10; $15, $20, $35 or more. Plus some pay you in prizes and merchandise which adds another layer of value to this great way to make money at home.

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Now, the trick, as I mentioned, is to get yourself invited to take these surveys. But that's not the only trick. The big trick is to only get invited to take surveys by the honest opinion companies that will actually send you a check or deposit your money into your PayPal account. And that's where it can get sticky.

That's why I was happy to discover a web site that not only published a list of these survey companies that will pay you to work from home, but they actually check out each company to make sure that they really pay! Now that's what I'm talking about.

Hey, I forgot to tell you about a special kind of survey you can take that pays $120, $150, or more! You can find out more when you visit Instant Paid Surveys. That's the web site of the guys that take the time to verify each survey company before they publish their contact information. Check it out for yourself and start getting paid to give your opinion just like I do.

Get Paid For Your Opinion

The Internet Cash Machine

26 and Rich – “Real Money to Be Made or A Complete Waste of Time? The Truth Finally Exposed and It’s Not What You Think.”

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a site called 26 and Rich – The Official Website. The site claimed that you could make thousands online weekly with about only thirty minutes of work a day. Being the savvy reader I am I immediately thought, Man who is this guy kidding? You see I read these types of sales letters daily. They’re all claiming to teach you how to get rich online. As thought it’s just as easy as a point and click. I’ve purchased some programs in the past similar to this one only to be extremely disappointed with the results I saw. So, I thought no way, yeah right, this is a joke.

I decided to tag the page on delicious along with all of the other sales letters that I’ve read and check it out again at a later time. A few days later that same sales page was back on my computer screen. I had to read it again. After reading the sales page again I made the decision to purchase the product 26 and Rich – The Official Website had to offer. After all, I want to be the one in control of my financial future. So I got the product and I still wasn’t sure what to think. I mean do people really make money blogging?

Downloaded the product and decided to give it a read. Remember this isn’t the first product of this sort that I’ve read. All I can say is that I was surprised at the amount of content the product covered. Usually when I buy something like this the seller’s only concerned with me reselling his product I just bought and wants me to email all my friends. Internet marketing at its best.

The Internet Cash Machine explains how to make money with Google through their Adsense and Adwords program in terms that I can understand. It showed me how to become an eBay power seller along with affiliate marketing, which has been very “buzz worthy” these days, and even how to create my own product. If you have a website or a blog you can even learn how to bring free traffic to the site. It’s all in this one book. What you would normally find in ten different products is found there in one.

Not only was the Internet Cash Machine good, but the bonuses that come with this product are amazing. Never have I seen these kinds of bonuses. The product comes with 345 Adsense ready templates. So not only do I learn about Adsense but I’m given the tools to start making money today. Blogging in a Box and other blogging bonuses teach how to blog and make money from it. Then to top it off I received a copy of Auto Hits Machine to bring traffic to the blogs and Adsense sites I just made.

For only $37 this was a steal. Well as you can tell I was very satisfied. I’ve already started making some really good money and am so thankful for all the tools I received.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the site and check it out for yourself.

Internet Cash Machine

Friday, March 09, 2007

Money In the Bank

The Money Bank System creates multiple exhaustible, effortlessly generating,
streams of cash flow which don’t require your presence.

The key to success is called "Multiple Streams of Income" - and that's exactly what
the Money Bank System will create for you.

The Money Bank System makes earning money on the Internet as easy as harvesting money trees!

Need Proof ? The link below is and actual screenshot of Earnings.
See Earnings Now!

Although I can not guarantee you will be making $1500 every day when you start using The Money Bank System, I can promise you will at least make $100 with my personal assistance or I'll refund every single dime of your order. You see, you can't loose!

Money Bank System

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Running An Online Business Successfully

In the beginning there was the marketer. There are certain truths you come to understand the more time you spend making money online – or trying to.
Witness the evolution of marketing online. Whether you are new to the net game or an experienced pro, there is one thing you will have in common if you are moving towards entrepreneurial success.

As you read this article you will realize what you have in common with all the other million dollar earners online, and what you’re missing that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Get Free Report

I will begin with a bullet point list and short explanation of the marketing necessities you want to have:

For starters, most established markets will already be using this by default:

- A Domain: something specific to what you want to promote like (

- Hosting: a place to put your site, if you’re planning on making money – find a paid solution so you look like a credible business and you cut back on high traffic crashes.

- A website: your image your presence and your marketing message, don’t get pulled into the trap I see everywhere of trying to put too many choices on your website. Maximize on the effectiveness by only giving one purpose to a page. For example if you want to build a list - focus all your efforts and copy on that singular focus, if you want your site to sell a product, then only put that focus on your site. You’ll also need a good editing program, and an ftp software to get this up and moving.

- A merchant account: If you have something to sell, people will need a way to pay you. There are a ton of great providers out there, but there are a specific few that give your visitors the security to pull out a credit card with assurance.

- An Autoresponder: This is a real necessity if you want a business and not just a hobby. When you have a family to support this is a real no brainer. This is your email follow up service. You get a name added to your list and this is where they go. You will use this to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers and soon-to-be customers.

- A helpdesk: in the beginning when your business and sales are small you can handle all the little questions and emails yourself. One of the things that will keep a small business is small is thinking “I can do that myself” if you want to truly grow; you need to share the workload (petty tasks) and focus on what you truly want to do creatively for your business.

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- Membership Site software: once you’re addicted to the internet marketing lifestyle, you will realize this oh-so-simple fact, it’s great to make a sale, but it’s even better to make a sale once and get paid for it every month. Continuity is king.

- Teleconferencing software: If you want an easy way to create and crank out high ticket products, audios and a transcript is an easy to make, high-value product.

Of course everything we’ve touched on so far only scratches the surface, but these are the necessities that not only get you started but will make you above average. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles that will take you from beginner to winner.

We’ll cover resources that will help you stay organized and expand your business to make you truly prosperous such as:

-PDF creators and converters
- Mind mapping software
- Site tools to make your business a set and forget it – money magnet
- Internet video and audio creating software
- And the how-to’s of outsourcing
Keep learning, and most important: be persistent – it will be a quality you share with the biggest money makers online today…

Get Free Report

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Generating Six Figure Adsense Earnings

Have you heard of Kelvin Hui before?

Probably you haven’t, because he is a very low profile
underground Web Publisher. I just happened to know him
as he has created a successful website called FriendEarth,
which has attracted a multi-year partnership contract
with Yahoo! Inc.

How successful is FriendEarth?

It has become a *Top Global 500* websites in the world
within 2 months, in terms of traffic volume. He CONSTANTLY
generates MILLIONS of visitors to his website every MONTH.
This huge success has attracted Yahoo! Inc.’s attention
and they have signed a multi-year partnership contract in 2006.

Is it a scam? See the proof here:
Massive Traffic Secrets

Maybe you wonder, “Well, maybe this is just by luck...
What about his other websites? Are they doing well?”
I absolutely understand, as I doubt as well.

I inquired Kelvin for this concern. He kept silent for a
while, then said, “Alright, I will show you something,
you will judge how well my websites are doing.”

I was so shocked that I could not say even a word. You know
what he showed me?

6 Figure AdSense Earnings EVERY MONTH!

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He never disclosed his killer secrets to the public,
except for his seminar students, who paid THOUSANDS of
dollars to learn the secrets. I strongly urged him to do
something to save the newbies, as the market nowadays is
filled with crappy courses which charges for hundreds of
dollars but providing NOTHING meaningful.

Fortunately, he decides to break his silence and disclose
his killer secrets which he shared only in his super
expensive seminars, NOW, at insanely impossible cheap price.

Don’t waste your time anymore. Go and grab the copy here:

Massive Traffic Secrets

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